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Taxi Routes
in the North of La Palma

Los Tilos/ Los Tiles/ Marcos y Cordero

Los Tilos is one of the most emblematic Laurisilva forests of the Canarian archipelago. Among its flora stands out laurel, barbuzanos, giant ferns, heather, fayales among others in terms of its fauna turqué pigeons and rabiche. It has an Interpretation Center that explains in detail everything related to this Biosphere Reserve. It offers exceptional trail routes, the longest to Marcos and Cordero through the PR LP6 homologated trail and the shorter versions: the Mirador de Las Barandas PR LP7 and the Mirador de El Espigón Atravesado PR LP6.

Los Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero is “the trekking in search of water”, one of the most impressive routes in the Canary Islands, a path enabled by man to channel the water from the source. From the Casa del Monte there are 13 tunnels that will travel through the leafy vegetation to the springs (wearing a raincoat). With a taxi it takes 60 minutes to the Casa del Monte and from there about 12,5 kms walking to Los Tilos with more than 1000 meters of negative height it takes between 4 and 6 hours.

Marcos y Cordero is a perfect route to get to know the biodiversity and the rugged nature of the beautiful island.

Visit Los Tilos the artificial waterfall recovered after its disappearance at the end of the 50s due to the entry into operation of the Salto del Mulato.

La Galga / Visit to Mirador de San Bartolo / El Salto del Enamorado

Located in the municipality of Puntallana is one of the most accessible viewpoints and with the best views of the island. Surrounded by green slopes, contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the mountain. It is surrounded by typical flora (dragos, bejeques, artemisas among others). There rests the sculpture of “El salto del enamorado” by the sculptor Fran Concepción, a highly recommended viewpoint to observe the skies of the island (great sighting of stars).
On the way to the viewpoint you can see the Hermitage of San Bartolo (Century XVI)

Charco Azul

Natural pools located between Puerto Espíndola and San Andrés has achieved the Ecoplayas flag several consecutive years, the result of the following virtues: water quality, gardens, accessibility, cleanliness, functionality of the equipment, beauty of the landscape, large swimming pool, children’s pool and another that is known as El Charco de Las Damas, near El Varadero, is one of the places that also includes the route of San Mao in its itinerary on the northern route “Remembering Hexi”.
If I take you to Charco, I will give you a ride through my childhood and youth.

San Mao Route - Knowing Hexi - Barlovento

On the coast of Barlovento, in the natural pools of La Fajana you can find the literary viewpoint “El olivo del océano” dedicated to the memory of José María Quero (Hexi) and the writer Echo Chen (San Mao) design by Juan Alberto Fernández .

The young couple formed by San Mao and José María comes to live in La Palma at the end of March 1979 for work reasons (he was a professional diver) a trip to the coast of the island to practice diving in full bonanzas ends life Quero on September 30 of that same year and somehow ends the life of the writer also plunged into a deep depression since then, she died in Taipei on January 4, 1991.
In sculpture of the viewpoint of La Fajana the three tubes evokes the pseudonym of the writing extracted from a comic of a child that only has three hairs on the head, the 8 large beach callas represent the stones that San Mao painted and with which he gave to his friends, that is 8 is because in Chinese culture that number is magical visiting the viewpoint takes us to that magical love story where you can sit together to the reproduction of the tube and the glasses with which José María went out that day to swim forever in the eternity of the memory of the Canary Island of La Palma.