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Taxi service to the path
of Marcos and Cordero

North Zone  

The north of La Palma has a fantastic landscape richness. I invite you to get on my taxi to meet her and thus make your visit an unforgettable trip.


As the Greeks would say: ¡Kaló taksidi!  Happy journey!

David Francisco Hijazo

I offer you the closest and most fun treatment so that your taxi trips are as pleasant as possible.

The Taxi Stop

Servicio de Taxi hacia el sendero de Marcos y Cordero, San Andrés y Sauces, La Palma. Islas Canarias.

Our taxi stop is in San Andrés y Sauces, La Palma. From here we can discover the whole northeast of the island, from the Charco Azul to the Laguna de Barlovento or the Mirador de Gallegos, but my services focus especially on the transfer to the best-known hiking routes, such as the Cube of La Galga or the Path of Marcos y Cordero.

Marcos y Cordero

The Route of the Nacientes of Marcos and Cordero can be considered as the best hiking route, not only of La Palma, but of your life.

Los Tilos Forest

Los Tilos is one of the most emblematic Laurisilva forests of the Canarian archipelago.

Charco Azul

Natural swimming pools located between Puerto Espíndola and San Andrés that have achieved the Ecoplayas flag several consecutive years, the result of the following virtues: water quality, gardens, accessibility, cleanliness, functionality of the equipment, beauty of the landscape, large swimming pool, and one that is known as El Charco de Las Damas, near El Varadero, is one of the places that also includes the route of San Mao in its itinerary on the northern route “Remembering Hexi”.
If I take you to Charco, I will give you a ride through my childhood and youth.

Mirador de San Bartolo

Located in the municipality of Puntallana is one of the most accessible viewpoints and with the best views of the island.

Ruta Mirador San Bartolo, La Galga · Servicio de Taxi hacia Marcos y Cordero · La Palma · Islas Canarias

Tired of life
in the city?

Come to La Palma


The Canary Island of La Palma offers a wide range of possibilities: sea, mountain, trails, volcanoes, gastronomy, culture, astrotourism, unique experiences that I am willing to show you.

La Palma = Trekking

La Palma is synonymous with nature, and what better way to get to know it in depth than to walk through it. The island has a large network of well marked trails and paths, along the coast or the mountain, by steep ravines, which allow you to enjoy a landscape full of Canarian pines and native vegetation.

We took the taxi to the top and from there we started to go down. It took 4h to get off. The descent is quite demanding for the knees. We were 3 with a mobile to light inside the tunnels and it was enough. In most tunnels you can go without a cell phone, in fact I think the longest tunnel is 314m or something like that. Tunnel 12 came down with enough water, so it is best to protect the backpack with a raincoat before entering. Some tunnels have narrow stretches, although I guess that walking through the ditch everyone can pass. It was a very different excursion!